Derek Gripper
McCoy Studio Theater
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Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 7:30 PM

Derek Gripper is a classical guitarist from South Africa who has taken a unique path. He arranges and interprets complex songs usually played on two koras—a 21-stringed West African lute—and plays them on one classical guitar.

His upcoming concerts will explore the dialogue between the disparate styles that have informed his work to date. Quotations of Bach, Malian songs, virtuosic kora compositions, Southern African bow music, and avant-garde Brazilian guitar music combine to create a new solo guitar which is at once intimate and explosive, improvised and composed, traditional and new.

Gripper offers an extraordinary voice in post-apartheid South African cultural landscape, one that demonstrates the country’s new musical confidence. He infuses his music with the intensity, subtlety, and authenticity of the culture, forging fresh paths though cross-genre, cross-generational, and cross-cultural collaborations. 

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Tickets: $40 (plus applicable fees); 10% discount for MACC members and half-price kids 12 and under

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Thursday January 31Derek Gripper7:30 PMGet Tickets