Streetlight Cadence
McCoy Studio Theater
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Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 7:30 PM

Streetlight Cadence is an alternative folk-pop band that started on the streets of historic Waikiki. What began as a means to pay for groceries has now turned into a full-time career for this group of friends.

Although they come from a strict classical background of musical performance, the men of Streetlight Cadence are anything but your typical quartet. Driven by their infectious storytelling and whimsicality, Streetlight Cadence has made its mark on Hawaii’s musical landscape. With this tour, they are promoting the release of their self-titled EP, "SLC," which is designed to represent the evolution of the band's songwriting and Hawaii-born folk-pop sound and style.

In the past year the band has been busy! They won an award for their original song "Big Big Life," which was also a top 5 finalist in the Great American Song Contest, they headlined the 2016 Hawaii Bowl halftime show, they held their first full tour of a country outside the U.S., performing in five cities in their debut "Hello Japan Tour," and they headlined the 2017 Hawaii Songwriting Festival, sharing the stage with two-time Grammy Award winner, Jason Mraz.

“BEST GROUP OF THE YEAR … Streetlight Cadence is the most refreshing breeze to hit our shores in years. This ensemble offers unconventional instrumentation served with warm engaging ambiance. It’s a matter only of time before the group is nominated for a Grammy Award. The lads have the look, the sound, and that "something" ingredient that shouts "success." — Wayne Harada, Honolulu Star Advertiser

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Tickets: $20, $30, plus a limited number of $45 tickets (plus applicable fees)

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Saturday December 16Streetlight Cadence7:30 PMBuy Tickets