Doric String Quartet
Castle Theater
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Sunday, February 11, 2018 - 3:00 PM

Alex Redington, violin; Jonathan Stone, violin; Hélène Clément, viola; John Myerscough, cello.

The Doric String Quartet has firmly established itself as the leading British string quartet of its generation, receiving enthusiastic responses from audiences and critics across the globe.

The quartet has won international prizes in Japan, Italy, and Germany, and has performed in Europe's leading concert halls.

The players are superb, but beyond that, they blend together as though of one mind – the touchstone of any such group.” -  

"(T)he most inventive, engaging, moving and beautiful." - The Strad

The concert will include selections by Haydn, Britten, and Mendelssohn. CLICK HERE to view the program (PDF)

Tickets: $12, $45, $65 (plus applicable fees)
10% discount for MACC members (excludes $12 tickets)
Tickets on sale to MACC Members: Tuesday, October 3
Tickets on sale to public: Tuesday, October 10

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Sunday February 11Doric String Quartet3:00 PMBuy Tickets