Hawai‘i Energy Conference
Castle Theater
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March 27 - March 28, 2019

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This year's theme: Innovation in Practice

Now in its 6th year, the Hawai‘i Energy Conference (HEC) attracts energy industry leaders from Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Japan, and Europe to exchange ideas on how to better serve customers in today’s rapidly changing power generation and delivery environment.

Hawai‘i is a living laboratory for the effective integration of renewable energy technology, the transformation of the regulatory environment, and the growth of potential market opportunities. 

The conference is copresented by the Maui Economic Development Board and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development.

To learn more, go to www.hawaiienergyconference.com

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Wednesday March 27Day 17:00 AMGet Tickets
Thursday March 28Day 27:00 AMGet Tickets


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