Zenshin Daiko's 19th Annual Taiko Festival Concert
Castle Theater
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Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 7:00 PM

With special guests, Stanford Taiko and Kenny Endo!

Zenshin Daiko’s 19th annual Taiko Festival concert will start with Stanford Taiko, one of the leading collegiate taiko groups in North America. 

During its 26-year history, the group has concertized both internationally and domestically, including tours to Japan, Thailand, China, Guatemala, and the Pacific Northwest. 

The 50 members of Zenshin Daiko will perform some of their favorite pieces and premier new works written by its members. 

Kenny Endo, a renowned professional taiko artist from Honolulu, will be the special guest.

Zenshin Daiko’s Taiko Festival is a highlight of Maui’s annual June events. Don’t miss your chance to see this impressive Maui group!  

Since forming in 1999, Zenshin Daiko has performed in over 950 cultural and community events all over Hawaii and in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada, and Japan. For more information visit http://www.zenshindaiko.com

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Tickets: $20/Adults; $10/Children 12 & under (plus applicable fees)
On sale Friday, May 11

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Saturday June 23Zenshin Daiko7:00 PMBuy Tickets