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Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 7:30 PM

Cuarteto Latinoamericano, formed in 1982, is known worldwide as the leading proponent of modern Latin American music for string quartet. This award-winning ensemble from Mexico consists of the three Bitran brothers, violinists Saul and Aron and cellist Alvaro, along with violist Javier Montiel.

At their Maui concert, the Cuarteto will perform their newest program, “Miniatures from the Americas,” which has received wonderful enthusiasm from audiences and presenters alike. The concert will highlight a vast variety of compositional styles, featuring music from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico,  Uruguay, and Argentina, all composed in the 20th century and all contemporary Latin American. From Gershwin to Piazzolla, composers include Javier Alvarez, George Gershwin, Alejandro Cardona, Carlos Zamora, Manuel Ponce, Miguel del Aguila, Francisco Mignone, Dan Roman, and tango specialists Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

The Cuarteto has recorded most of the Latin American repertoire for string quartet, and has won Latin Grammy awards for best classical recording in 2013 and 2016. The musicians have garnered much acclaim for their unique style and powerful technical skills, and are credited with exerting a profound influence on younger-generation Mexican string players.

Video bio: "30-years in the Life of Cuarteto Latinoamericano"

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Thursday February 1Cuarteto Latinoamericano7:30 PMBuy Tickets