All the Pretty Fishes and the Price Paid to Tank Them

McCoy Studio Theater
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Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 7:00 PM

Presented by The Snorkel Bob Foundation

The Dark Hobby is a reef documentary with location footage from Indonesia, the Philippines and mostly Hawai‘i, ground zero for the aquarium trade. Controversy continues with aquarium collectors still working Hawai‘i reefs in violation of a Hawai‘i Supreme Court ruling. Aquarium plunder and consequence is documented, but aquarium collectors claim no harm, that reef decimation is from global warming and pollution. The campaign continues, now with a temporary ban on West Hawai‘i aquarium collecting. Reef stewardship in The Reef State is in the balance. The Dark Hobby presents the pros and cons from both sides of the argument, commercial vs. conservation.  Also showing a special added sneak preview of excerpts from Dragon Walk, the Movie, also filmed on location in the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawai‘i, showing reef species and habitat in optimal conditions, where commercial extraction is prohibited.

Tickets: $20 general admission (plus applicable fees)
On sale Friday, May 18

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Saturday June 30The Dark Hobby7:00 PMBuy Tickets