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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 3:00 PM

Please note: there will be aromatic fresh flowers in the theater during the second part of the program.

Ebb & Flow Arts celebrates its twentieth anniversary season with a multifaceted concert of new music and film featuring the Ebb & Ensemble, comprised of Ignace Jang, violin; Sung Chan Chang, 'cello; and Robert Pollock, piano.   
In the spirit of peaceful cooperation, Ebb & Flow Arts celebrates the many instances of musical cultural exchange with South Korea. Most recently, Dr. Shinhee Park, president of Veritas Musicae in Seoul, invited American composers Sarn Oliver, Peter Swanzy, William Anderson, and Robert Pollock to create short piano pieces based on Korean poetry, for performances in Korea and on Maui. 
The evening’s program will feature works by Korean composers, including Eugene Lee's "Etude #5" for piano; Sun Young Park's "Heem" for violin, 'cello, and piano; and world-renowned Isang Yun's "Konigliches Thema" for solo violin. Other works on the program include Maurice Ravel's ravishing "Sonata" for violin and 'cello; and "Trio" for violin, 'cello, and piano  – the last work by iconic American composer, Henry Cowell.
There will also be film features:  
  • Video by Peter Swanzy to accompany his piano composition, "Stars," inspired by a Korean poem
  • A preview of Emmy Award-winning Tom Vendetti's most recent trek to sacred Tibet, with footage of a previous interview with the  Dalai Lama on the topics of China, the significance of Mount Kailash, and happiness
  • Gary Greenberg's Florotica (edited by Tom Vendetti, narrated by Stacy Keach, screenplay by Rick Chatenever, and music by Keola Beamer) with CinemAroma.*


*Please note: there will be aromatic fresh flowers in the theater during the second part of the program.

Tickets: $30 (plus applicable fees); 10% discount for MACC members; half-price kids 12 & under

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Sunday March 3Ebb & Flow Arts3:00 PMGet Tickets