Broadway Pops featuring Scarlett Strallen & Hugh Panaro
Castle Theater
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January 13, 2019

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Maui Pops Orchestra's annual sell-out Broadway Pops concert features the vocal talents of Scarlett Strallen & Hugh Panaro.
“Hollywood to Broadway” will include songs from My Fair Lady, The Wizard of Oz, Ice Castles, Phantom of the Opera, and so much more. 
These outstanding guest artists, with numerous credits on Broadway and beyond, will join the 50+ member Maui Pops Orchestra to transport you to your happiest place!

Tickets: $22, $35, $50, $60 (plus applicable fees)
Half-price for students w/ID 18 & under except for $22 seats.
Patrons who purchase tickets to all four shows in the Maui Pops series (Dec 2, Jan 13, Feb 17, and March 10) will receive a 10% discount off each ticket price. This offer does not apply to the $22 tickets or to student discounted tickets.

Tickets on sale Thursday, October 4

Date Event Time Tickets
Sunday January 13Broadway Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets
Sunday February 17Winter Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets
Sunday March 10Spring Pops3:00 PMGet Tickets