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Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 8:00 PM

George Lopez was most recently seen in his HBO comedy special, The Wall, which debuted in August 2017. WATCH A  FEATURETTE about THE WALL

His past HBO Specials include America’s Mexican in 2007; Tall, Dark, and Chicano in 2009 (also nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album); and It’s Not Me, It’s You in 2012.

Lopez remains a hit with television viewers with his comedy series, Lopez on TV Land. Produced by and starring Lopez, the series explores how he struggles between his two worlds and crises that are often of his own making.

In 2014, he starred in and cocreated the multicamera ensemble comedy, Saint George on FX. Lopez also hosted Lopez Tonight, a late-night television talk show on TBS, which represented Lopez's return to series television after cocreating, writing, producing, and starring in the groundbreaking hit sitcom, George Lopez, which ran for six seasons on ABC.

George Lopez remains among the top five comedies and top 20 weekly programs in syndication. Lopez was also seen in the Lionsgate inspirational drama, Spare Parts in 2015. Produced by Lopez, the film is based on a true story about four undocumented Mexican-American teenagers from Phoenix who team up to build an underwater robot that wins the national robotics competition.

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Sunday February 17George Lopez8:00 PMGet Tickets