Kahālāwai CD Release Concert featuring
Joshua Kahula & Pi‘ilani Arias

McCoy Studio Theater
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Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 3:00 PM

With special guests NA Hoa with Ikaika Blackburn, Halehaku Seabury-Akaka & Keone Souza and Kumu Hula Kamaka Kukona and Hālau o Ka Hanu Lehua

Joshua Kahula and Pi‘ilani Arias, as Kahālāwai, blend vocal harmonies with a unique approach to instrumentation that lends itself well to the duo's incredible sound. Josh and Pi‘ilani draw on their many years of playing together, as well as the rich history of their musical families. Join Kahālāwai for this very special CD release concert.
“The combined musical talents of Josh Kahula and Piʻilani Arias embody the spirit and essence of their chosen names. Over the years, these two young men have established themselves as musicians and singers who are able to move effortlessly between the island music, reggae, and traditional Hawaiian music genres. Now, in this collection of old and new Hawaiian language compositions, they continue to push themselves forward into the realm of blending the past and present. In doing so, they bring their kūpuna and the collective experiences of the haku mele into the here and now – through lyric, voice, and music.”
—Keali‘i Reichel

Tickets: $25, $35 (plus applicable fees)

On sale Tuesday, May 7

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Sunday June 23:00 PMGet Tickets