Ai Iwane: Island in My Mind, Fukushima
Melissa Ann Pinney: Girl Transcendent
Jun 23 - Aug 18, 2018

Two concurrent exhibits will feature personal approaches in photography by two women.

Ai Iwane from Tokyo, Japan, has been using a Kodak Cirkut (large-format 360-degree rotating panoramic camera) to develop compelling images of the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster of 2011. Her work also reveals the historic connections between Fukushima and Maui through the traditions of the annual bon dance festivals.  Photo at top is one of the artist's Fukushima images. 

Melissa Ann Pinney is a fine art photographer based in Evanston, Illinois. Her works in this exhibition were selected from a long-term exploration of emerging feminine identity, informed by Pinney’s own girlhood and that of her daughter, Emma. Vivid with color, gesture, and light, the images suggest that the mysterious and ardent inner life of girls will withstand their inevitable maturation into adulthood.  Photo at right is of the artist's Kiara and Emma, 2001