by Michael Sakamoto

Castle Theater
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Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 7:30 PM

“Soil” is an intercultural dance theater project exploring crisis in three Southeast Asian cultures and their historical relationship with America.
Directed, cowritten, and cochoreographed by Michael Sakamoto, a lush music score by Japanese koto and guitar duo, lmanishi Reiko and lsohata Shinichi, adds a cinematic energy to the intimacy of the performers' stories.
The project was conceived through the personal narratives of three collaborator/performers: Cambodian classical and contemporary dancer, Chey Chankethya ("Kethya"), Thai traditional and contemporary dancer, Waewdao Sirisook, and Vietnamese-American contemporary dancer, Nguyen Nguyen.
Referencing political conflict, colonialism, war, refugees, and immigration, Soil draws on multicultural landscapes of America and Asia, performing a vision of 21st-century global society. Various dance forms and styles—including Western contemporary, Cambodian classical, Northern Thai traditional and folk, and butoh—are juxtaposed, remixed and revealed as rooted in the experience of everyday life as global citizens.
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Tickets: $35, $45 (plus applicable fees); 10% discount for MACC members and half-price kids 12 and under
Tickets on sale to MACC Members: Tuesday, September 4
Tickets on sale to public: Wednesday, September 12

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Thursday October 25SOIL7:30 PMBuy Tickets