Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018

The Jurors’ Choice Award winner for Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018 was announced at the exhibit opening reception on Sunday, January 14, 2018.
Natasha Young of Kauai received the award for her work entitled, “Contemporary Artist.” (oil on canvas, 60"x48")

The People's Choice Award winner for Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018 was announced at a reception on Friday, March 9, 2018.
Toni Rose of O'ahu received the award, based on votes cast by gallery visitors Jan 16- Mar 7, for her work entitled, "11471920." (charcoal on paper, 46'x56")

Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018 Winner Natasha Young

Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018 Winner Tony Rose
Toni Rose, with "11471920"   

Winner of the Marian Freeman People's Choice Award

Natasha Young, with "Contemporary Artist"
Winner of the Jurors' Choice Award

2nd place: Kirk Kurokawa 

3rd place (tie): Kuakea O.Yasak & Penny Nichols

ARTISTS in the Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018

ARTISTS in the Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018

The jurors for the Challenge were Charles Cohan of O‘ahu, Carol Bennett of Kaua‘i, and Jennifer Owen of Maui.

about the jurors

The jurors selected the following 57 artists in the final round of jurying for the Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2018.  
Congratulations to these artists -  and mahalo to all who entered this prestigious statewide exhibition!*

Rose Adare, Threshold

Ashley Albritton, The Painting Conservator

Gabrielle Anderman, A Drawing of a Painter

Patrizia Arroyo, The Ancient Reptilian Man

Katherine Stone Ayers, Luana

Larry Berko, Kari @ the Uffizi

Elmer Bio Jr., Kobe

Carlo Carbajal, Leonard "Kimokeo" Kapahulehua

Mike Carroll, Irene Kamahuialani Cockett Perry, Artist

Hung Kwai Chan, Every Time I See Things

Ken Charon, Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng Sowing Seeds of Peace

Mae Desmond, The Water Bearer

Margaret Ezekiel, The Eyes of What Is

Deybra Fair, Mr. Mertens

Eddie Flotte, Navigating the Doorway of Immortality

Ingrid Frégeau, Long Live Love

Robert Glick, I Hope Someday You'll Join Us

Roberta Griffith, TGIF-Hanging Out with My Friend

Edd Tokarz Harnas, What Grande Could Mean

Will Herrera, Self Portrait: Fishing Blue Seas of Emotion for Thought Bold as Peace

William Houston, Kaliko

Alina Kawai, The Duo

Kirk Kurokawa, The Breakaway

Paul M. Lacio, Woman with a Cat

Max Lemaire, Richard Diamond Heart

Lynn Weiler Liverton, Reflection: Fred H. Roster

Robert Lober, Fifty Six

Susanne Long, Portrait of the Artist with Hapu'u, Egrets and Black Taro

Stephen Lucas, Me In Two Views

Boots Lupenui, Eric Lindsey, Hawaiian Cowboy

Mark Feijão Milligan II, Gordon in Flora

Bon Moore, The Song That I Hear

Gerald Murai, Tom Belsky & G. Murai

Momoe Nakajima, "What is all this stuff?!"

Pamela Neswald, The Teacher

Thu Nguyen, Trade Wind Day

Penny Nichols, Self Portrait With Too Much Information

Joseph Okonek, Windward Fighter

Camille Page, Kauilani

Kaylie Pickup, Mae Mae

Lynette Pradiga, My Power Washer of Love

Noble Richardson, The Adoration of Gaia

Toni Rose, 11471920

Patrick Daniel Thomas Sarsfield, Patrick Daniel Thomas Sarsfield-Artist 1937

Amanda C. Scott, Lady of the Forgotten

Jennifer J. Stephens, From the Ground Up

Tomy Takemura, Morning Tea

Devi Town, Kaiea

Burton Uhr, I Am Not A Child

Christine Waara, Uncle Art

Linda Whittemore, Mother's Legacy

Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel, What Are You Looking At

Shingo Yamazaki, Exhale

Kūākea O. Yasak, Mahealani

Natasha Young, Contemporary Artist

Paul F. Yount, Me

William Zwick, First Impressions



Schaefer Portrait Challenge

This statewide juried exhibition has been held as a triennial since 2003, and continues to present the diversity of Hawai‘i’s people through artist’s explorations in portraiture.