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250th Celebration of Queen Ka‘ahumanu

250th Celebration of Queen Ka‘ahumanu

There are no longer any performances available for this show.

Yokouchi Pavilion and A&B Amphitheater

This event is a cultural protocol ceremony and festival including music and dance, in celebration of the 250th birthday of Queen Ka‘ahumanu.

The evening will begin with protocol in honor of the Ahahui Kaʻahumanu and the Royal Order of Kamehameha. Local Kula Kaiapuni keiki will showcase their genealogical chant to the unveiling of a new mural.

Enjoy live music by Hawaiian talents, Sonny Lim, the Lim Family, Nani Lim with Halau Manaola, and Lorna Lim with Halau Kawehileimamoikawekiuʻo Kohala. 

The event also includes a world-premiere short film of protocol ceremony at Kapueokahi, followed by performances with Kumu Hina and Lanakila, George Kahumoku, and the Institute of Hawaiian Music.

The evening will be MCʻd by Alaka'i and “Brother Alika” Atay, plus there will be preshow festivities in the courtyard with music, local craft vendors. It's a great opportunity for the entire community to engage in a celebratory event!

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