Okaidja Afroso
Castle Theater
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Friday, October 25, 2019 - 7:30 PM

This show will have a dance floor.

Born into a family of musicians and storytellers in the village of Kokrobite on the west coast of Ghana, Okaidja Afroso is a singer, guitarist, percussionist, and dancer deeply connected to the musical traditions of the African diaspora and devoted to bringing together diverse modes of expression in pursuit of global harmony.
His four albums, most recently The Palm Wine Sea, chart a journey from his past as a vocalist, percussionist, and dancer with the Ghana Dance Ensemble and Obo Addy to the present as a confident and mature songwriter and collaborator. His songs call back to the sounds of his youth, illuminating them with the experiences and wonder of a curious traveler, never resting and always seeking.
He will be joined by Boinor Titus Nartey and Manavihare Fiaindratov on percussion and vocals.
My music preserves my West African roots while embracing diverse cross-cultural influences and styles. I strive to create a rhythmic fusion of old and new that presents a fresh sound that preserves the authenticity of the traditional while embracing the rich complexity of the integrated world we inhabit today.”
In my workshops and performances I explore how my ancestor’s traditions have persevered and been reshaped in a contemporary version of the African oral tradition. The complex compositions, soulful vocals, and spirited dancing combine to create an unforgettable and unique experience.”
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Tickets: $35, $45; kids 12 & under half price; 10% MACC member discount (plus applicable fees)

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Friday October 25Okaidja Afroso7:30 PMGet Tickets