Hawai‘i International Film Festival
McCoy Studio Theater
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November 21 - November 24, 2019

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As the vanguard forum of international cinematic achievement in the Asia-Pacific region, Honolulu-based Hawai'i International Film Festival (HIFF) recognizes new and emerging talent and facilitates dynamic cultural exchange through the cinema arts.

The festival includes documentaries and film shorts, including premieres, experimental films, animation/digital works, and first features by new directors. HIFF selections and audiences reflect the diverse multicultural face of Hawai'i -  helping to enrich, enlighten and broaden support for Asian and Pacific films.

Film titles & show times:

Thursday, November 21
Tokyo Hula; 7:00 pm
Today it is estimated there are nearly two million people dancing hula in Japan—a figure greater than the entire population of Hawaiʻi. With more people dancing hula in Japan than in Hawaiʻi where the native art was born, this explosive growth has created a multimillion-dollar industry based on culture as commodity. What motivates Japanese students and teachers to dance hula and how is it translated into a foreign culture? How do native Hawaiians participate in this cross-cultural exchange? Run time 81 min.
Preceded by short film Voices of the Forest
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Friday, November 22
Made in Hawai‘i Short Films; 7:00 pm
This program will include eight short films, including four 'Ohina films. Total run time 106 min.
Titles include:
808: How We Respond
Down on the Sidewalk in Waikiki
Driving; Fall Guy ('Ohina)
Like Maddah ('Ohina)
Mo'o ('Ohina)
Molokai Bound
Other People ('Ohina)
Saturday, November 23
Mo Te Iwi: Carving for the People; 4:00 pm
This film is an intimate journey into the life and work of Māori master carver Rangi Hetet. At 82, Rangi is one of the last traditional Māori carvers alive today who learned their craft in an era that straddled the ways of the old tohunga whakairo (master carvers) and those of the modern world. “Carving does not exist alone as a skill–it exists within a body of knowledge and that knowledge exists and is held by a whole community of people.” Run time 133 min.
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Haole; 7:00 pm 
Thirteen-year-old David Kealoha dreams of escaping rural Hawai‘I, but when Jonah Morris, a white kid from Phoenix moves into the neighborhood, a series of events irrevocably change the trajectory of David’s life and those closest to him. Run time 90 min.
Preceded by Crossing the Line
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Tickets: $12 per film (plus applicable fees)

Date Event Time Tickets
Friday November 22Made in Hawai‘i Short Films7:00 PMGet Tickets
Saturday November 23Mo Te Iwi: Carving for the People4:00 PMGet Tickets
Saturday November 23Haole7:00 PMGet Tickets