Kūpaoa & Mark Yamanaka
McCoy Studio Theater
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Friday, January 31, 2020 -

Multiple Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winners Kūpaoa and Mark Yamanaka join forces to bring you a beautiful evening of inspired composition with exquisite harmonies.
Kellen and Līhau Paik, known professionally as the duo, Kūpaoa, have performed together for 15 years. During that time, they have released seven albums and received six Nā Hōkū awards. Life-long students of Hawaiian language, they enjoy composing and performing their original songs, in addition to beloved, time-honored favorites. “Kūpaoa” describes a lasting fragrance, and it’s their hope that their music will linger, infusing heart and mind, long after their performance is through. 
Mark Yamanaka’s latest release, Lei Lehua, won five Nā Hōkū awards in 2019! His music is informed and inspired by his life experiences and his growth over the years is evident in the evolution of his music. A Hilo boy true and true, his family plays a key role in his success; his two children and his wife providing him the strength and courage needed to persevere in the challenging industry of music. Music is an expression of the heart for this 14-time Nā Hōkū award winner.
Mark and Kūpaoa together released A Gift of the Heart in 2015. They join forces again to bring a beautiful evening of original Hawaiian mele, plus traditional classics, in a style unique to their sound. Together they will leave you wanting more. 

Tickets: $30, $40, 10% discount for MACC Members and half-price kids under 12 (plus applicable fees)
Tickets on sale to members: Friday, November 15
Tickets on sale to public: Friday, November 22

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Friday January 31Kūpaoa & Mark YamanakaGet Tickets