Jun 05 - Aug 04, 2016


Exhibit Detail

Hawai‘i Island-based art collective, AGGROculture, includes artists Sally Lundburg, Keith Tallett, Scott Yoell, and Margo Ray. Their work will explore the Polynesian myth, the Rat and the Octopus, a story of an octopus who was tricked into helping a rat who was stranded out at sea and was lured to his death by the anger he still feels towards the rat.

The conceptual departure points for the project are the essence of human nature and the potential for good and evil in all of us, as well as the consequences of broken agreements and the lure, and subsequent entrapment, of not letting go of anger and resentment; the hero’s downfall.

Their individual and collaborative work combines sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, and video. The exhibition will interlace theatrical devices such as storytelling, costume, and viewer participation with the many mediums and disciplines utilized by the collective; transforming the gallery into a powerful & poetic allegorical space.