Aug 06 - Oct 01, 2017


Exhibit Detail

Acclaimed photographer, Susan Middleton, who is well known for the exhibitions "Archipelago" and "Remains of a Rainbow," brings us a new body of work exploring the mysterious world of marine invertebrates—underwater animals without backbones.
More than 98% of known species in the ocean are invertebrates, yet as the foundation for life in marine waters, they are relatively unknown.  
Her images capture the unexpected beauty and intimacy of this realm of life. With a deep passion and investment in time and research, she reveals astonishing creatures we may never get to see.
Related Events:
Observe and Play Family Day
Saturday, August 26, 2017; Schaefer International Gallery; 10 am -12 pm
Parents and children are invited to the Gallery to see the exhibit and make a sea creature to take home.
Gallery closed Friday, August 18 and Saturday, September 30