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Jan 07 - Feb 20, 2005

Apr 18 - May 01, 2005

May 13 - Jun 05, 2005

Jul 24 - Aug 05, 2005

Sep 16 - Oct 15, 2005

Jan 10 - Feb 19, 2006

Apr 17 - May 07, 2006

Jul 02 - Jul 30, 2006

Jan 16 - Feb 11, 2007

Apr 15 - Apr 29, 2007

Sep 18 - Oct 28, 2007

The collaborative work of two outstanding photographers, David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton, with the entire historic collection of their work from the sanctuary for natural communities of monk seals, sea turtles, vast numbers of nesting seabirds, plants, and insects and contains one of the most intact coral reef systems in the world. Click for more
Nov 10 - Dec 16, 2007

Two generations of artists perpetuate the legacy of indigenous Maoli contemporary arts. Click for more
Jan 06 - Feb 17, 2008

A group invitational exhibition with some of Maui’s favorite established artists whose careers as active and innovative leaders in the arts are honored in this collection. Click for more
Apr 12 - Apr 27, 2008

The MACC’s annual student exhibit presents the works of elementary school students in theme-based collaborative group works. Click for more
May 11 - Jun 15, 2008

This exhibit features three artists from different islands, each with their own astute perceptions of their natural environments. Click for more
Jun 28 - Jul 27, 2008

Edgy, thought-provoking, quirky creations provide a playground for viewers to interact with the personal imagery of these Hawai‘i artists. Click for more
Jan 06 - Feb 22, 2009

May 10 - May 24, 2009

Sep 15 - Oct 24, 2009

This invitational exhibition will include accomplished upcoming artists of Hawaiian ancestry who have been asked to create new work with inspiration from the epic tale Ka Mo'olelo 0 Hi'iakaikapoliopele, by Ho'oulumahiehie. . Click for more
Nov 10 - Dec 23, 2009

A select group of Hawai'i's finest professional furniture makers have been invited to each create one unique piece of functional furniture based on an inspirational source of artifacts, antiques or architecture from pre- or post-contact Hawai'i. Click for more
Jan 12 - Feb 20, 2010

We invited a group of artists from the Maui community to determine what the physical, spiritual, cultural or social essence of Maui is to them and to create one unique piece to show their touchstone. Click for more
Apr 11 - Apr 25, 2010

For our annual student exhibit we've invited Maui students from grades K- 8 to be the architects of imaginary neighborhoods. Click for more
May 11 - Jun 26, 2010

Organized by the Museum of Art at Washington State University, this exhibit brings together a retrospective of 30 years of this remarkable artist's development. Click for more
Aug 25 - Jul 18, 2010

This exhibit will feature a retrospective of work by John Melville Kelly, with original prints and drawings from the 1920s to the 1960s. Click for more
Sep 12 - Oct 23, 2010

Photo Journalist, Matthew Thayer, has been on the Maui scene covering people, sports, entertainment , and events for 30 years. Click for more
Nov 10 - Dec 23, 2010

The MACC is pleased to collaborate with the Hawai‘i State Art Museum to present an exhibit of hula-inspired and hula-related works from the Art in Public Places (APP) Collection. Click for more
Jan 09 - Feb 19, 2011

This invitational layers two of the MACC’s exhibits program goals: to support artists in their exploration of new and innovative work and to share resources and expertise in collaboration with other organizations. Click for more
Apr 09 - Apr 23, 2011

This annual event gives Maui students an opportunity to showcase their work in a world-class gallery, and gives the community a chance to see what is on the creative minds of high school students from private and public schools. Click for more
May 15 - Jun 25, 2011

Three artists selected through our open proposal period will share the gallery with concurrent exhibits of new work. Click for more
Jul 10 - Aug 20, 2011

Maui artists Pat Masumoto, Darrell Orwig, Nancy Skrimstad, Michael Takemoto, and Sidney Yee will approach the concept of their multiethnic roots and personal insights into individual histories while investigating ancestry, racial barriers and identity. Click for more
Sep 07 - Oct 29, 2011

This traveling exhibition organized by the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is the first major retrospective of textiles and aloha wear from Hawai‘i, representing the fashion designs of Alfred Shaheen. Click for more
Nov 13 - Dec 23, 2011

Four established Native Hawaiian women artists, Maile Andrade, Ka'ili Chun, Kapulani Landgraf, and April Drexel, will explore separate areas of interest with new bodies of work for this exhibition. Click for more
Jan 09 - Mar 11, 2012

This statewide juried triennial exhibition will feature artists whose work best captures the extraordinary people of Hawai'i as portrait subjects. Click for more
May 06 - May 20, 2012

Young artists in grades K - 8 from Maui County public and private schools will be featured in this annual student exhibition, which showcases work created in the classrooms. Click for more
Jun 02 - Jul 22, 2012

A retrospective of 40 years of painting from northern Idaho artist S.A. (Sharon) Jones will introduce you to an abstract language of pure information about color, shape, and form. Click for more
Aug 19 - Sep 30, 2012

Levin’s photographs reflect the past and present of Kalaupapa, telling the complete story of this remote northern peninsula on the island of Moloka‘i. Click for more
Oct 21, 2012 - Jan 06, 2013

Four generations of award-winning artists, working in both sculptural and traditional forms, demonstrate the creativity of women in a field generally governed by men. Click for more
Jan 27 - Mar 30, 2013

The forest is a refuge, resource and inspiration. This exhibition will raise public awareness and spark dialog with traditional and non-traditional works in painting, sculpture, furniture, installation, film and poetry. Click for more
May 26 - Jul 21, 2013

Photographers Ed Goldstein, Miki Nitadori, and Bruna Stude share the gallery with concurrent exhibits that pursue a single idea as a vehicle for commentary. Click for more
Sep 08 - Nov 02, 2013

MACC’s first artist-in-residence, Wes Bruce will create a site specific (fort) installation within our 4,000 sq. ft. gallery. Click for more
Nov 26 - Dec 31, 2013

Art enthusiasts will appreciate our holiday gift gallery, offering exceptional and affordable fine art and locally crafted items from artists of Hawai‘i. Click for more
Jan 21 - Mar 09, 2014

This invitational exhibition will feature a select group of 28 kapa practitioners from Hawai‘i and California whose work involves both traditional and nontraditional use of materials and techniques in kapa-making. Click for more
May 04 - May 24, 2014

The Young Creatives Student Exhibit is a biennial event, premiering this year. Click for more
Jun 08 - Jul 27, 2014

Three women artists will share the gallery space with concurrent solo exhibits, with bodies of work that draw from ideas about counterculture, bohemianism, sexuality, instinct, and playful fantasy. Click for more
Aug 17 - Sep 28, 2014

Andrzej Kramarz from Krakow, Poland, will exhibit work that conceptually focuses on bringing a contemporary awareness to scenes marked by the memory of World War ll. Concurrently in the gallery will be an exhibition curated by Kramarz, featuring the work of photographer Stefania Gurdowa. Click for more
Oct 12 - Dec 20, 2014

This international traveling museum exhibition brings together 17 master bamboo artists from Japan with works that display the highest level of material knowledge and skill, transformed into imaginatively crafted sculptural art. Click for more
Jan 13 - Mar 22, 2015

A signature exhibit for the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, this much-anticipated statewide juried competition, held as a triennial since 2003, the Challenge, encourages Hawai‘i’s artists to depict the people and stories of our island communities through explorations in portraiture. Click for more
May 17 - Jul 15, 2015

French artist and composer, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, creates intriguing installations that conceptually bring together common objects, sound, and space. Click for more
Aug 02 - Oct 03, 2015

Lærke Lauta works within multichannel video, installation, and painting. Artist Mary Babcock investigates fiber processes that conceptually merge with the intersection of art, contemplation, and social activism. Click for more
Oct 20 - Dec 20, 2015

Maui Arts & Cultural Center, in collaboration with Bishop Museum, is pleased to present Nani I Ka Hala: Weaving Hawaiʻi. An accompanying invitational exhibition, Hō Mai Ka Hala: Bring Forth the Hala, will present the work of contemporary lau hala weavers in Hawai‘i. Click for more
Jan 10 - Mar 13, 2016

Considerations of the visual landscape become the conceptual focus for this exhibition featuring a nationally selected group of contemporary printmakers. Click for more
Mar 28 - Apr 23, 2016

Art Maui continues to showcase the growing community of visual artists on Maui in their 38th annual juried community exhibit. Click for more
Jun 05 - Aug 04, 2016

The exhibition will interlace theatrical devices such as storytelling, costume, and viewer participation with the many mediums and disciplines utilized by the collective; transforming the gallery into a powerful & poetic allegorical space. Click for more
Aug 30 - Nov 06, 2016

This unique exhibition will highlight an appreciation for the skills and creativity of artists and the essence of Hawai‘i’s National Parks. Click for more
Jan 15 - Mar 19, 2017

Master textile artist Akihiko Izukura, from Kyoto, Japan, has created a new installation in the gallery, made with handwoven natural dyed silk and bamboo. To enhance the visitor experience, San Francisco-based composer, Christopher Willits, composed an ambient sound collage for the exhibition. (Live performance March 4)
Click for more
May 21 - Jul 16, 2017

This retrospective exhibition honors an artist whose life’s work was infused with passion and spiritual transcendence within natural and mythological worlds. Click for more
Aug 06 - Oct 01, 2017

Photographs by Susan Middleton. The photographer known from two previous exhibits ("Remains of a Rainbow" 2004; "Archipelago" 2007) brings a new body of work exploring the mysterious world of marine invertebrates. Click for more
Oct 15 - Dec 23, 2017

An exhibit of items from the collection of Gertrude Mary Joan Damon Haig; includes Hawaiian art, paintings, sculpture, and prints from the 1930-1970s.
Photo left: D Howard Hit​chcock_Waimea Canyon_ Kauai_oil on canvas   Click for more
Jan 16 - Mar 18, 2018

The Schaefer Portrait Challenge is a  triennial statewide juried exhibition of Hawai‘i artists and their depictions of people in their island communities. Click for more
May 12 - Jun 09, 2018

This exhibit takes place every other year and features the work of Maui students from kindergarten to high school in both private and public schools. Click for more
Jun 23 - Aug 16, 2018

Two concurrent exhibits feature personal approaches in photography by two women. Image: Melissa Ann Pinney's Mingus & Maria.  Click for more
Sep 02 - Nov 25, 2018

Above the Fold presents an engaging interdisciplinary look at modern origami through the extraordinary achievements of contemporary origami artists from four continents. Click for more
Dec 16, 2018 - Feb 17, 2019

Surfing Hawaii presents the most popular ocean sport in the islands today.  Click for more
Mar 03 - Mar 30, 2019

We welcome back the ART MAUI organization to present their 41st annual juried exhibit, pulled together by a dedicated volunteer board of directors.    Click for more
Apr 14 - Jun 02, 2019

The thought-provoking ideas of Maui artist, Sidney Yee.   Click for more
Jun 16 - Aug 10, 2019

This exhibition brings inspiring contemporary artwork from aboriginal artists of the Northwest Coast of Canada.  Click for more