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Leela Dance Collective: SPEAK

There are no longer any performances available for this show.

Castle Theater

Featuring Rina Mehta, Rachna Nivas, Josette Wiggan-Freund, and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards
Note: Michelle Dorrance, originally scheduled to perform, is unable to participate and has been replaced by Josette Wiggan-Freund

“…an evening of rhythmic magic.”
Los Angeles Dance Chronicle
“…a sunny break from our me-first fractured world.”
Los Angeles Times


Indian Kathak dance and American tap dance, continents and ages apart, share parallel stories of struggle and perseverance. They come together in this sensational collaboration that is rhythm, storytelling, music and dance.
SPEAK carries forward the legacy of iconic artists like Pandit Chitresh Das, Dr. Jimmy Slyde and James Buster Brown, while bringing to the forefront the voices of powerful female artists. Serving as the bridge between tradition and innovation, history and progress, Rina Mehta, Rachna Nivas, Josette Wiggan-Freund, and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards create nothing short of magic on the stage.
Bound by rhythmic improvisation, the dancers are accompanied by some of the finest Indian classical and jazz musicians.  SPEAK promises to thrill, provoke and move your spirit.

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