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There are no longer any performances available for this show.

Alexander & Baldwin Amphitheater


Gates open at 6:00 pm

From rural Alabama to the Kingdom of Bhutan, the wild is where we find our people, discover what drives us, and are reminded that toughness and vulnerability are one and the same. That’s why everything we make is built for the wild, including these films. All proceeds from this film tour will go toward preserving our wild places through our conservation partners. The evening will include seven new YETI Presents films, including River Pirates featuring Maui's Lauren Spalding and Beyond Sunset featuring O‘ahu's Emi Erickson, along with special guest appearances and raffles for YETI gear. Plus, everyone in attendance will receive a free piece of customized YETI Drinkware fueled by TINCUP Whiskey. 

Get your tickets and join us for this epic night of storytelling through film! 

Attendees are welcome to bring blankets and low-rise beach chairs for general admission seating on the A&B Amphitheater lawn.  No seating will be provided.  In the event of inclement weather, the event will be moved into Castle Theater.  Please, no outside food or beverages.  Both will be available for purchase on site. CLICK HERE for the evening's menus. Service begins at 6:00 pm.  

All ticket holders will receive one piece of Yeti drinkware. 

CLICK HERE for the film series trailer

YETI PRESENTS: 2022 YETI Film Tour Line-up

Directed by Felt Soul
Throughout the course of Oliver White’s life fly fishing has been at the root of a series of once-in-a-lifetime events. What started as physical therapy led to the financial district, a business opportunity, and a near-death situation. His pursuit of fish on the fly now takes him to the mythical, magical country of Bhutan to do what he does best – figure things out. Watch the trailer HERE.

Directed by Bimarian Films
The mission is simple: finish the race. It’s 270 miles through Texas riverways ending in the Gulf of Mexico. 270 miles that are in no way straight, that are as inhospitable as only Texas can be, and afford no time for sleeping, only paddling. It’s something that sounds so terrible it’s appealing. After all, it’s simple: finish the race. And don’t go crazy. Watch the trailer HERE.
Directed by Greg Kohs
She was just a little kid who wanted to go fishing with her dad. Raised on the salty sea, earning her keep on the lobster boat, and holding her own amongst fellow salty fisherman, Sadie Samuels is now the captain of her lobster boat and she’s obsessed with her job. Boy, must be nice. Watch the trailer HERE.
Directed by Talweg Creative
Some people hunt deer. Some hunt tornadoes. Being a storm chaser takes Pecos Hank to places he never thought he’d go otherwise, like getting a behind-the-scenes tour of America. A character in his own story, Hank’s fearlessness in his pursuit for the one monster that truly exists is punctuated by the opportunity of being right there when the community – his community – gets hit. Watch the trailer HERE.
JUBILEE (Select locations)
Directed by Margaret Brown
What’s fable for some is family tradition for others in the small coastal town of Daphne, Alabama. For a Jubilee to occur, it requires very particular conditions lining up: the tide, the moon phases, the wind, and not least of which, the vigilance of a community willing to walk the beach at all hours to see if it’s there. For Miss Steph and this community, a Jubilee exists in the heart as much as it does in a whole bay’s worth of crabs and flounder. Watch the trailer HERE.
BEYOND SUNSET (Select Locations)
Directed by Keith Malloy & Jeff Johnson
It’s easy to think that she just gets it from her father. After all, Roger Erickson is a legend in his own right on the North Shore, and she rides his boards – long, single-fin guns. But when Emi is out there, charging, riding 15 to 20-foot faces, and getting rag-dolled at Jaws, she deserves for you to know that yeah, maybe it’s in her blood, but no one’s on that board but her. Watch the trailer HERE.
MALIK (Select Locations)
Directed by Chris Murphy & Max Lowe
You can’t take great climbing photos from the ground. The hand reaching out to help Malik get up on the wall, and later out of South Memphis and into the mountains, was that of legendary alpinist Conrad Anker.