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A special FREE screening

There are no longer any performances available for this show.

Castle Theater

“...This chronicle of underdogs who overcame daunting obstacles and emerged as rockstar-like figures is lovingly made and never less than highly entertaining.” 
                                                                                                                                                    - Richard Kuipers, Variety

In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Title IX and to honor its namesake and Maui’s own Patsy Takemoto Mink, the William S. Richardson School of Law will host a free screening of the award-winning documentary, Rise of the Wahine: Champions of Title IX

In the 1970’s, politics, sports, and social change collided on the beautiful shores of Hawai`i.  In the years following the civil rights movement and passage of Title IX in 1972, Dr. Donnis Thompson (an African-American athletic pioneer), Patsy Mink (the first Asian-American U.S. congresswoman), and Beth McLachlin (team captain of a rag-tag volleyball team), battled discrimination from the halls of Washington D.C. to the dusty volleyball courts of the University of Hawai’i, fighting for the rights of young women to play sports and changed women’s athletic opportunities in America, forever.

A UH Foundation presentation

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Food and beverages will be available for purchase from 5-7pm in the Yokouchi Pavilion. See full menu HERE.