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Also open before/during intermissions for select Castle Theater events.
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Jan 12 - Feb 20, 2010

We invited a group of artists from the Maui community to determine what the physical, spiritual, cultural or social essence of Maui is to them and to create one unique piece to show their touchstone. Click for more
Apr 11 - Apr 25, 2010

For our annual student exhibit we've invited Maui students from grades K- 8 to be the architects of imaginary neighborhoods. Click for more
May 11 - Jun 26, 2010

Organized by the Museum of Art at Washington State University, this exhibit brings together a retrospective of 30 years of this remarkable artist's development. Click for more
Aug 25 - Jul 18, 2010

This exhibit will feature a retrospective of work by John Melville Kelly, with original prints and drawings from the 1920s to the 1960s. Click for more
Sep 12 - Oct 23, 2010

Photo Journalist, Matthew Thayer, has been on the Maui scene covering people, sports, entertainment , and events for 30 years. Click for more
Nov 10 - Dec 23, 2010

The MACC is pleased to collaborate with the Hawai‘i State Art Museum to present an exhibit of hula-inspired and hula-related works from the Art in Public Places (APP) Collection. Click for more