He Makana: The Gertrude Mary Joan Damon Haig Collection of Hawaiian Art, Paintings and Prints
Oct 15 - Dec 23, 2017
An exhibit of items from the collection of Gertrude Mary Joan Damon Haig; includes Hawaiian art, paintings, sculpture, and prints from the 1930-1970s.
Photo left: D Howard Hit​chcock_Waimea Canyon_ Kauai_oil on canvas   Click for more
Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates: the Backbone of Life
Aug 06 - Oct 01, 2017
Photographs by Susan Middleton. The photographer known from two previous exhibits ("Remains of a Rainbow" 2004; "Archipelago" 2007) brings a new body of work exploring the mysterious world of marine invertebrates. Click for more
Piero Resta: Illuminatus
May 21 - Jul 16, 2017
This retrospective exhibition honors an artist whose life’s work was infused with passion and spiritual transcendence within natural and mythological worlds. Click for more
Akihiko Izukura: The Way of Natural Textiles
Jan 15 - Mar 19, 2017
Master textile artist Akihiko Izukura, from Kyoto, Japan, has created a new installation in the gallery, made with handwoven natural dyed silk and bamboo. To enhance the visitor experience, San Francisco-based composer, Christopher Willits, composed an ambient sound collage for the exhibition. (Live performance March 4)
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